Friday, 12 July 2013

An arty Thursday

Daddy had to drop some paintings off at the gallery he shows at, so we decided to visit some exhibitions together, and even maybe fit in a real live auction!

On the way to the tube station we met a giant deerhound. Or maybe it was a hairy deer. Or a portable car-wash. Thankfully it was friendly, whatever it was.

Daddy says that it "doesn't usually take him half-an-hour to walk down Bond St."  I think he's just jealous of all the attention I get:)
First stop- this lovely sculpture of a horse by Elizabeth Frink at Connaught Brown

Then onto an exhibition of Robert Motherwell collages at Bernard Jacobsen Gallery. Wonderful. Try and see it if you can

Here I am keeping a low-profile at my first ever auction! - 20th Century British at Christies. Daddy carried me in, but the nice man in the funny uniform at the door told him that "dogs are allowed on the floor sir, as long as they are clean." (!) Daddy kept me on his lap most of the time though, think he was worried someone might bid for me:)

After all that excitement daddy thoughtfully took me to Berkeley Square in case I needed a toilet break(I did). Oh look, there's a man lying on the grass... maybe I'll go and surprise him!! But wait! What are those big blue things sitting on him??!

Not sure I like the look of this...

Arrgghhh! get away from me!!   Daddy says that as a rule, Blue Macaws don't tend to eat small dogs, but I barked at it just to be sure.

Then before the tube-ride home daddy gave me some of his chicken and bacon sandwich... yum:):) I think I deserved it - it was a fun but hectic day ! 

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