Sunday, 15 September 2013

Black and White Sunday No.12

Remembering the Summer!

Celebrating the last days of summer in the Kent countryside!

Hi Pals, goodness hasn't the weather changed? I'm soooo chilly and demanding that the folks buy me some winter gear to stop me from my shivers - Mum won't be too hard to convince as she loves shopping :) Anyhow, to keep the spirit of summer alive for a while longer I thought I would share some pictures of our trip to Shoreham in Kent a few weeks back. The folks wanted to visit as an artist from long ago - Samuel Palmer used to live there. It was a magical day - the village is so pretty with a lovely pub, a couple of shops and a very unusual air force museum where Daddy had the biggest bacon sandwich ever ( I helped of course :) So visit if you have the chance - it's only 1/2 hour from Victoria on the train.

In the sun with Mum 

Samuel Palmer's House - not bad heh?!

Early drawing by Samuel Palmer 

Patiently waiting for bacon!

At the aircraft museum 

Chilling in Daddy's arms after a long day!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Black and White Sunday No.11

Posing in the park 

My holiday in North Norfolk - Part 3 'Adventures on a steam train!'

Hi Pals - as promised here is the final instalment of my wonderful holiday in North Norfolk - it seems like such a long time ago now though - it's good to relive and share the memories with you on the blog!
Ever since I was a wee pup the folks have taken me on train journeys - and they promised me that on our holiday we could go on a proper old fashioned one with steam and everything. So one day we arrived at Weybourne where they run the poppy line . Mummy was so excited by the toilets as she said it was like going back in time ! The train itself was so old fashioned, it had wooden seats and compartments - my name sake Miss Marple would have felt very at home for sure :) We had a wonderful time chuffing our way through the Norfolk countryside, it is such civilised way to travel - I think it's time to re-introduce steam trains in London, maybe it would make the commuters smile a bit more!!

The waiting room at Weybourne station 

With Mummy in the carriage 


The Queen of Steam