Friday, 26 July 2013

Let the summer begin!

Hi pals! I'm a very excited doggy today as I'm off on my holidays : ) Mum&Dad are off on their holidays to France so I'm being looked after by the Grand folks. This is great news as I get to hang out with Coco for a whole week (and get spoilt rotten : ) In the meantime here are some pictures from this week, its been another scorcher & I have spent a lot of time hanging out in the park with Mummy - she has been desperately trying to train me not to join all the picnics in the park - not sure why, everyone seems to be overjoyed to have a small brown dog licking their pots of hummous & running off with their bread ; ) 

caught in the rain - not a happy pup!

Walkies? you must be joking

And stretch !

Evening sun in Victoria park

Drenched in sun

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Black and White Sunday No.4


Day trip to Cambridge

Yesterday Mummy and Daddy decided to escape the heat of London and take me for a day out in Cambridge. I love train journeys, I amuse myself by chewing Mummy's dresses and fidgeting till I fall asleep. I was desperate for a wee when we arrived so first stop was a wonderful big park then onto the Museum of Zoology which sadly we found was closed for refurbishment until 2016 - I still enjoyed seeing the HUGE whale skeleton there though. We then meandered onto Kettles Yard which is a fabulous art gallery and house in the centre of Cambridge- - at the moment they have a great selection of Christopher Wood paintings, definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. To finish off we headed to another park where I joined many people's picnics ( such fun) and I met a bigger version of me ! The folks told me she was a doberman but I'm sure she was just a large sausage and that I will be that big one day :) I had such a lovely day, I'm a lucky little woofer !

At Kings Cross

In front of the whale skeleton

Kettle's Yard

Outside King's College

Watching the punting

Maggie and me

Monday, 15 July 2013

Cracked window etchings

Yesterday Mummy and I visited her friend  Sam Hodge who has a residency at Chisenhale Art Space in East London. For the past few weeks she has been producing a series of 77 etchings in response to the broken windows at the back of the Chisenhale building. I loved the work, it was clever and impactful - the black shapes seemed very sinister. I also got to walk over her etching plates and I also tried to eat the floor as it was very tasty : ) 

Do visit if you can - she is showing the work this Saturday 20th July 2-6pm -

Getting a sniff of the work

The floors good too :)

Gathering my final thoughts on the work 

Friday, 12 July 2013

An arty Thursday

Daddy had to drop some paintings off at the gallery he shows at, so we decided to visit some exhibitions together, and even maybe fit in a real live auction!

On the way to the tube station we met a giant deerhound. Or maybe it was a hairy deer. Or a portable car-wash. Thankfully it was friendly, whatever it was.

Daddy says that it "doesn't usually take him half-an-hour to walk down Bond St."  I think he's just jealous of all the attention I get:)
First stop- this lovely sculpture of a horse by Elizabeth Frink at Connaught Brown

Then onto an exhibition of Robert Motherwell collages at Bernard Jacobsen Gallery. Wonderful. Try and see it if you can

Here I am keeping a low-profile at my first ever auction! - 20th Century British at Christies. Daddy carried me in, but the nice man in the funny uniform at the door told him that "dogs are allowed on the floor sir, as long as they are clean." (!) Daddy kept me on his lap most of the time though, think he was worried someone might bid for me:)

After all that excitement daddy thoughtfully took me to Berkeley Square in case I needed a toilet break(I did). Oh look, there's a man lying on the grass... maybe I'll go and surprise him!! But wait! What are those big blue things sitting on him??!

Not sure I like the look of this...

Arrgghhh! get away from me!!   Daddy says that as a rule, Blue Macaws don't tend to eat small dogs, but I barked at it just to be sure.

Then before the tube-ride home daddy gave me some of his chicken and bacon sandwich... yum:):) I think I deserved it - it was a fun but hectic day ! 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Weekend bargain hunting

This weekend we visited the Grand folks and their dog 'Coco' at their home in Lincolnshire. I LOVE it there - Grandad is a cabbage farmer and they live surrounded by fields of vegetables and flowers. And of course I get to hang out with my bestest friend Coco :) On Saturday we visited an antiques fair at a nearby castle, I was on guard protecting the folks from any suspicious looking antiques ( you can never be too careful) Luckily I noticed a very shady looking character - a stuffed toy dog on wheels. I dealt with him firmly with a succession of very LOUD barks, he quickly got the message and I was also very quickly removed from the scene ( by an embarrassed Dad). I was very impressed with the castle too, I think it would be much nicer to live there rather than London but sadly the folks don't seem convinced ( I will work on them:) On Sunday Mummy decided that it would be a good idea (in the baking heat) to go to a car boot sale - I thought she was crazy and therefore refused to walk far and sunbathed at every opportunity. Luckily we didn't stay long and got home in time for the tennis - the madness seem to continue whilst watching the match though, Mummy ended up in tears and Daddy was jumping up and down punching the air. Funny lot these humans :)

Look at my tum Coco !

In the fields 

Dealing with dodgy looking antique dog 

This camel looks suspicious also

I think the castle suits me 

Sunbathing at the car boot

Helping Grandad pick some strawberries

Friday, 5 July 2013

My day at the BRIT school

Mummy teaches art at the BRIT School in London and this Wednesday I convinced her to take me along too for the day as I wanted to see what she gets up too when I'm not with her. I had a lovely day and met some very friendly people who all seemed to find me quite a delight! I helped Mummy with her mural painting class and even helped clean the floor - picking up everything I could find and trying to eat it : ) All Mummy's students were very patient with me, and kept picking me up to show me what work they had done. I was very impressed. I hope to go back again soon to check on their progress :) 

Surveying what needs to be done 

Mischief under the tables 

Head of the class 

Monday, 1 July 2013

My first swim

Today Mummy and I got on a train at St.Pancras to visit Mummy's lovely friend (and fellow amazing artist) who lives in St.Albans. First of all we went for a super walk to see a whole field of cornflowers -'a vision in blue' according to Mum. I also enjoyed eating the delicious horse poo - funnily enough Mummy didn't seem too pleased with this.  We then went back to Rydal's for an even more delicious lunch :) Whilst the grown ups were eating I had a wander round their garden - investigating what I thought was a strange patch of grass I suddenly found myself submerged in wet stuff - apparently I had fallen in their pond. Thankfully I was quickly rescued and wrapped in a fluffy pink towel. Not sure what to make of it all to be honest - I think Mum could have least offered me some of her wine to calm my nerves! It was a lovely day but next time I think I will stay inside and continue to destroy their rug (sorry Rydal and Chris! )

Amazing field of cornflowers 

Daisies and Cornflowers 

Pretty to look at - nice to eat too 

Strange looking grass - let me have a closer look ....

Oh dear - wet pup 

Pretty in pink ( with a smile too )