Sunday, 30 June 2013

All the fun of the fair !

Wow- what an amazing weekend, I've been to a party, helped Mummy teach life drawing, watched Mummy's friend Perienne sing in a choir and to top it all off the folks took me to the fair today! I was tempted by the waltzers but Daddy said he didn't fancy it ( I think he was scared ) and Mummy was being over protective when she said the dodgems were too dangerous for me. I'm hoping I might be able to able to slip out later and let my fur down ;)

Carters fun fair in my local park 

Funny looking horses 

This is more like it - just got to convince Daddy

How about this one Mum? 

I think this is more Mummy's cup of tea 

Black and White Sunday No.1

Friday, 28 June 2013

Looking forward to the weekend..

Thanks goodness it's Friday - it's been another jam packed week for little me. The folks have been doing lots of training with me - some of which I've complied with (hehe). I've been told there is fish and chips on the menu on Saturday and and end of term party at the Princes Drawing School to look forward to tonight. Just got to make sure Mummy gives me a wash before I go out as I'm a mucky pup.  Here are some pics from my week-hope you enjoy them!

Being examined by a couple of cockapoos!
Loving the long grass 
Killing Sally the Stoat 
Helping Mummy with her beer ( not that she needs any help ) 
Attacking Mummy with kisses 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Weekend in Oxford

This weekend we all went to visit some friends in Oxford. Luckily for me they have a garden- I had a lot of fun digging it up, finding and eating the pigeon poo and generally being a 'little tinker'. I also met my first herd of cows - I think they were more frightened of me that I was of them :) We visited lots of churches and old ruins and also spent a lot time in doggie friendly pubs. It was a super weekend and I'm hoping I've convinced Mummy's friends to get a little sausage dog like me so I can have a play mate in Oxford!

I'm sure Australia is down here somewhere !? 

Is there a problem? 

Smuggled into a posh garden centre in Mum's bag 


I'm in charge obviously 

Small dog, large hall 

In Daddy's arms 

Ruth Borchard Self Portrait competition 2013

Last Thursday evening I accompanied the folks to the opening of the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait competition at Kings Place, London. Both Mummy and Daddy have a piece each in the exhibition   - Mummy has a print and Daddy has a drawing. It was very very busy and I got a lot of fuss. I even got to have a wash in the posh toilets as I had rolled in something really smelly and Mummy felt embarrassed to have such a stinky pup! I also met a lovely lady called Ilaria who also has a painting in the exhibition - she also has a blog- - and she mentioned meeting me in her blog which was fantastic as I've had a lot more people having a look at what I'm up to! Thanks Ilaria !

Looking at Mummy's print - it's a portrait of her as a Fennec Fox - I think it looks like her!

Here's Daddy's portrait of himself in his mirror - he looks quite stern! 

Too much art and too many people leave me a tired pup :)

Friday, 21 June 2013

It's been a busy week

I am 'cream krackered' as Mummy says. I've had so many walks this week I'm sure my legs have got shorter : ) I've met so many lovely new doggie chums - and a few not so nice ones - one yesterday frightened me so much that I did a little wee :( He won't scare me though as I have a VERY LOUD bark (sorry Mummy and Daddy )

Lurcher ? No problem :)

I even made this one lie down !! 

I'm very happy being the centre of attention!

Spot the small brown dog ! 
Respecting my elders!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Missing our neighbour Jo

Mummy and me are a little sad as our lovely friend and neighbour Jo has gone to live in Kenya :(  We know she will be very happy but we already miss her heaps. Sending lots of love from Karen House X

Hello Jo !

Monday Madness

Mummy says I'm just too darn cute but just to prove her wrong here's some pics of me looking slightly mad and just a touch deranged :) 

Fun with the stick at Auntie Helen's house 

Raaaaaa!!!!  I WILL GET STICK 
Grrrrr Mummy drank all the beer !!
This is what I thought to the Affordable Art fair 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Too much art for little me

Yesterday I accompanied Mummy and Daddy to the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead as Mummy was showing some of her paintings. I didn't stay awake for long as I didn't really like anything ( apart from Mummy's of course :) It was far nicer to snooze in my bag then go for a run in the park afterwards !!

Some of Mummy's paintings

Snoozing it all off 

Really quite bored now 

Much happier in the park !

Friday, 14 June 2013

Visit to Daddy's Gallery

So Tuesday evening is handover day, when Mummy gives me to Daddy to look after while she teaches. This week they handed me over at a private view at Daddy's Gallery ( where he shows his paintings :)  I saw lots of wonderful works of art but my favourite was this Gwen John painting as the lady is very pretty. I was super tired at the end though, and crumpled into a heap in Daddy's arms.

Looking at a very pretty Gwen John painting

And a Degas drawing:)

I'm art-ed out!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Weekend at Grandma and Grandad's

Last weekend we all went back to Grandma and Grandad's to look after Coco whilst they went away. As I hadn't seem her for over 3 weeks it was important to play all the time and bite her ears and be a general nuisance : )

Ready to go WALKIES !

You want us to drive !??

Snoozing it all off

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Trip to Kings Place

Mummy and Daddy both have had a piece of work accepted into the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait competition at Kings Place that opens next week. Here I am helping Mummy deliver their work.

While we were there we also had a quick look at the Marcelle Hanselaar exhibition that is currently on display. Mummy spent a long time looking at her prints as she said they are technically 'quite interesting'. I think I prefer Paula Rego though. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Still loving the park

we have lift off !


Visit to the Royal Academy and to the Calder exhibition

 Both Daddy and Mummy both got rejected from the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition this year. So to cheer Daddy up I came along with him to pick up his rejected paintings. While we were there we also checked out the Calder exhibition at Pace London. I definitely prefer his mobiles to his paintings!

In the bag and in the jumper

Daddy bought me a new jumper - I'm not sure about it. And I'm not sure at all about being carried in a bag - what's all that about?!