Friday, 30 August 2013

My holiday in North Norfolk - part 2 'Sun, sand and Swim!'

Hi folks, so as promised here is the 2nd instalment of my Norfolk adventures! During the week we spent a lot of time at the beach as there are some super beaches to visit. I had a wonderful time digging in the sand - the folks thought I was trying to dig my way to Australia! I also had my first swim in the sea - I was a little nervous at first then I just leapt in and swam like an otter ( or so Mum said :)
Now I'm back in London I'm missing the beach very much - I tried to swim in the big puddle in the park earlier but it's just not the same ( sigh ) I will be back next week with my final Norfolk post!

It's my beach!

With Mummy 

Me and my shadow

Me looking pretty, Daddy looking pensive

Dig Dig Dig!
I'm a natural !

Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Holiday in North Norfolk - Part one 'Crabbing and Carnival'

Hi pals! I've been on my holidays this week - the folks AND the grandfolks all hired a cottage in Blakeney, North Norfolk - they made sure it was doggy friendly so Coco and I could come along too! It was such a magical week - the sun shone every day and I had lots of adventures ! There is too much to tell in one post so I will make it more digestible and break it into different posts.

On the first day we went to Blakeney to catch some crabs! I'm being very stubborn on my lead at the moment, preferring to sit back and relax in the sun rather than walking - sometimes it took us nearly 1/2 hour to walk along the quay even though it's only 100 metres ( hehe )

Guarding the crabs

Walk? sorry Daddy, I would rather sunbathe :)

'Helping' Daddy catch the crabs :)

After the crab frenzy it was time to head to Wells-next to the Sea for their Carnival day. It was so busy that the folks had to carry me for fear of being squashed! I saw some very curious sights - the sun seems to do funny things to humans!

This was a puppet show involving fish - most bizarre 

Enjoying the band 

The carnival proved to be too much for us all so we headed to the fish and chip shop for some much needed replenishment.
Some for me please Daddy!

It was such a fabulous start to the holidays and it got even better - but more on that in part 2 of my Norfolk adventures!

Friday, 16 August 2013

I love my toys - Part 2

I'm lucky enough to have two homes - Mummy's and Daddy's. They share me so I'm never alone : ) this therefore means that I have 2 sets of toys !! Here are my favourites at Daddy's flat : 

Space Alien

Ye Olde Red Lion

Sally the Stoat

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I love my toys - Part 1

I am such a lucky pup - I have so many toys. Even though I love them I also LOVE to chew them to bits ! Nothing better than tons of stuffing flying around , causing Mum to get the Hoover out and vacuum like a mad lady : )
Here are some of my favourites, some of which are sadly no longer with us. I have more though - will keep you updated!!

Rope toy 1

Rope toy 2


Stripey Horsey

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Black and White Sunday No.7

It's a sausage feast !

So I'm now back in London fresh from my hols in the countryside. I had a wonderful time and I'm ever so grateful to the Grandfolks for talking such good care of me - I don't think they wanted me to go but they know I'm a city dog really and have to crack on with my art adventures! So not to waste any time the folks and I jumped in the car yesterday and went on an trip to Essex and Suffolk. First stop was Saffron Walden to visit the Fry Gallery to see their wonderful collection of prints and paintings by artists such as Edward Bawden, Eric Ravillious and Keith Vaughan. En route there we bumped into another mini chocolate dachshund - she was a super woofer and we got on like a house on fire - I hope I grow up to be as lovely as she was! Then we continued our journey to an area called Hickbush to see where one of Daddy's favourite painters - Patrick George- painted. I had such fun in the fields, eating the cow poo and woofing at anything that moved. I think Daddy was very grateful to have such a good little helper on his search ;) Then to top off such a wonderful day, when we returned to London we met one of my dear friends Ziggy - another mini - who I met in puppy class. It was such a treat to see him as he is growing into such a handsome young doggie. He made me blush because he said I was looking very pretty :) I'm so lucky to have such a collection of fellow sausage friends.

At the Farmer's Market in Saffron Walden

Chocolate kisses

Little and a little bit larger

Pretty houses in Saffron Waldon

A very pretty village called Finchingfield
In the Fry Art Gallery

Me and Ziggy

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Black and White Sunday No.6

Shadow and Ball 

My holiday with the Grand folks

This past week Mummy and Daddy have been on their hols in the South of France. They had a wonderful time and visited Arles where Van Gogh spent a year, and Aix en Provence to pay hommage to Cezanne who is Daddy's favourite painter. I was lucky enough to spend the whole week with the Grand folks and Coco - I had such a super time! Grandma says I was a 'little poppet' and no trouble at all :) - apart from when I swallowed a whole shrew ( GULP ) and when I disappeared down the dyke looking for a rabbit and also when Grandad's supper fell on the floor and I ate it all up in one go! I have also been busy protecting Grandma and Grandad from all the dangers in their garden, I've noticed many suspicious looking brown things scattered around ( plant pots apparently ) and I've dealt with them firmly by barking loudly and then wearing them on my head to show them who is boss. Mummy came to collect me yesterday but I'm reluctant to go back to London. Quite frankly Lincolnshire is much more fun :)

WOOFING at the very dangerous looking plant pot

Plant pot conquered - victory run wearing the plant pot

Friday, 26 July 2013

Let the summer begin!

Hi pals! I'm a very excited doggy today as I'm off on my holidays : ) Mum&Dad are off on their holidays to France so I'm being looked after by the Grand folks. This is great news as I get to hang out with Coco for a whole week (and get spoilt rotten : ) In the meantime here are some pictures from this week, its been another scorcher & I have spent a lot of time hanging out in the park with Mummy - she has been desperately trying to train me not to join all the picnics in the park - not sure why, everyone seems to be overjoyed to have a small brown dog licking their pots of hummous & running off with their bread ; ) 

caught in the rain - not a happy pup!

Walkies? you must be joking

And stretch !

Evening sun in Victoria park

Drenched in sun

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Black and White Sunday No.4


Day trip to Cambridge

Yesterday Mummy and Daddy decided to escape the heat of London and take me for a day out in Cambridge. I love train journeys, I amuse myself by chewing Mummy's dresses and fidgeting till I fall asleep. I was desperate for a wee when we arrived so first stop was a wonderful big park then onto the Museum of Zoology which sadly we found was closed for refurbishment until 2016 - I still enjoyed seeing the HUGE whale skeleton there though. We then meandered onto Kettles Yard which is a fabulous art gallery and house in the centre of Cambridge- - at the moment they have a great selection of Christopher Wood paintings, definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. To finish off we headed to another park where I joined many people's picnics ( such fun) and I met a bigger version of me ! The folks told me she was a doberman but I'm sure she was just a large sausage and that I will be that big one day :) I had such a lovely day, I'm a lucky little woofer !

At Kings Cross

In front of the whale skeleton

Kettle's Yard

Outside King's College

Watching the punting

Maggie and me