Friday, 30 August 2013

My holiday in North Norfolk - part 2 'Sun, sand and Swim!'

Hi folks, so as promised here is the 2nd instalment of my Norfolk adventures! During the week we spent a lot of time at the beach as there are some super beaches to visit. I had a wonderful time digging in the sand - the folks thought I was trying to dig my way to Australia! I also had my first swim in the sea - I was a little nervous at first then I just leapt in and swam like an otter ( or so Mum said :)
Now I'm back in London I'm missing the beach very much - I tried to swim in the big puddle in the park earlier but it's just not the same ( sigh ) I will be back next week with my final Norfolk post!

It's my beach!

With Mummy 

Me and my shadow

Me looking pretty, Daddy looking pensive

Dig Dig Dig!
I'm a natural !

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