Sunday, 8 September 2013

My holiday in North Norfolk - Part 3 'Adventures on a steam train!'

Hi Pals - as promised here is the final instalment of my wonderful holiday in North Norfolk - it seems like such a long time ago now though - it's good to relive and share the memories with you on the blog!
Ever since I was a wee pup the folks have taken me on train journeys - and they promised me that on our holiday we could go on a proper old fashioned one with steam and everything. So one day we arrived at Weybourne where they run the poppy line . Mummy was so excited by the toilets as she said it was like going back in time ! The train itself was so old fashioned, it had wooden seats and compartments - my name sake Miss Marple would have felt very at home for sure :) We had a wonderful time chuffing our way through the Norfolk countryside, it is such civilised way to travel - I think it's time to re-introduce steam trains in London, maybe it would make the commuters smile a bit more!!

The waiting room at Weybourne station 

With Mummy in the carriage 


The Queen of Steam

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