Monday, 24 June 2013

Ruth Borchard Self Portrait competition 2013

Last Thursday evening I accompanied the folks to the opening of the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait competition at Kings Place, London. Both Mummy and Daddy have a piece each in the exhibition   - Mummy has a print and Daddy has a drawing. It was very very busy and I got a lot of fuss. I even got to have a wash in the posh toilets as I had rolled in something really smelly and Mummy felt embarrassed to have such a stinky pup! I also met a lovely lady called Ilaria who also has a painting in the exhibition - she also has a blog- - and she mentioned meeting me in her blog which was fantastic as I've had a lot more people having a look at what I'm up to! Thanks Ilaria !

Looking at Mummy's print - it's a portrait of her as a Fennec Fox - I think it looks like her!

Here's Daddy's portrait of himself in his mirror - he looks quite stern! 

Too much art and too many people leave me a tired pup :)

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