Friday, 21 June 2013

It's been a busy week

I am 'cream krackered' as Mummy says. I've had so many walks this week I'm sure my legs have got shorter : ) I've met so many lovely new doggie chums - and a few not so nice ones - one yesterday frightened me so much that I did a little wee :( He won't scare me though as I have a VERY LOUD bark (sorry Mummy and Daddy )

Lurcher ? No problem :)

I even made this one lie down !! 

I'm very happy being the centre of attention!

Spot the small brown dog ! 
Respecting my elders!


  1. Wow, is that whole thing a fenced in dog park? It's so nice! I could run for ages in there.

  2. Hi Karma
    No, it's just our local London park. Most of the dogs there are really friendly and are off the lead -- it's a lot of fun ! Mx

  3. You have some seriously large furriends there...You are one very brave little brown dog

  4. I am !! Mummy says I'm too brave sometimes -- but I think I'm a BIG doggie, not a small one . Thanks for following Gizmo -- nice to meet you ( shakes paws )