Monday, 9 December 2013

A string of sausages

Hi pals, I hope you have had a good week and are getting in the christmas spirit ! It's my first christmas and I'm enjoying it all very much so far - today was fun as Mummy put up the tree and I tried to help by   stealing all the decorations and chewing them -lots more adventures there in the next few weeks I think!
I had a super time in the park a few days ago, I was just strolling along showing off my new coat when suddenly I was surrounded by a circle of sausage dogs! There were 2 brothers wearing matching jumpers and a super handsome black and tan sausage called Monty. We had so much fun sniffing and snuffling - thought you would like the see the pics :)

Hatching a plan


  1. Great photos! Nothin like a circle of doxies! The two brothers in matching sweaters as just darling :0) I love your coat too!

  2. That's pretty cute! Would they be weenies in a blanket?